How to Rose Garden to Keep Your Roses Like Treasures

Love has always been represented by a red rose. If you know the secrets of rose gardening you can grow all the love you want.

From way back when, the red rose has been used for that one special moment in a person’s life. To get the best red roses you have to take care of your garden all year long. For some this is a treasure, for others a misery.

Which ever it is for you, you should be on the look out for the very common fungal infection that can get on every rose. Whether it’s a rose for the Queen’s garden or a commoners rose garden it will have black spots that appear on the petals first. Once it has this fungus those red spiders will move in and take over.

Red spiders are the biggest troublemakers in a secret garden of roses. Sometimes you have to use chemicals on them but sometimes you can just cut them off at, about 2 inches from the ground and let the grow back. This usually works, remember I said usually. Every once in a while your red roses will die and there’s not bringing them back. It pays to check your garden of roses at least once every two weeks.

That will give those little buggers (red spiders) time to do a little damage but easily taken care of with a little fungal powder. Fungal power consists of a lime/sulphur spray or powder that you should put on your rose garden in the spring. Continue every 10 days to two weeks during the rest of the growing season and your secret garden of roses will be just fine.

Try to not use any harsh chemical to control this outbreak because most chemicals will affect the beneficial insects as well as the nasties. Sometimes, as long as you haven’t let it get completely out of control, you should be able to remove the infected leaves, stems or canes and throw them in the trash can—not your compost heap. Throwing them in your compost heap will spread the infection to other roses in your garden. Another way is to fertilize them.

Using worm compost or any type of compost is the best for your rose garden but you can use organic fertilize as well. Chick manure is really the best for your secret garden of roses. While your roses are blooming is the optimal time to fertilize them—about every two to three weeks.

So after you learn how to rose garden you will be able to sit back and enjoy the lovely arrangement made right from your own rose garden.